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Book 2: The Dark Deeps

Out now in Canada, Australia, and in the U.S., and TBA in France.

While searching for the cause behind the sinking of several ships, Modo and Octavia sail to the exact coordinates of the attacks. Is it a sea monster? Or something else? They aren't alone in their pursuit: the beautiful and mysterious French agent Colette has been researching this phenomenon for some time.

Upon reaching the site, Modo and Octavia's ship is rammed, and Modo is plunged into the icy sea... and disappears from sight. As he faces certain death, Modo is saved by a most unlikely underwater rescuer and discovers the mechanical truth behind the attacks. But the Clockwork Guild closes in. How will he get back to the surface?

Accolades & General Horn Tooting

Saskatchewan Children's Literature Award 2010
Ontario Library Association's Best Bets list 2010
CCBC Best Books Junior Fiction: Starred choice


"The adventure continues to soar-anyone who hasn't started the series yet should grab both volumes right now."

"Readers will quickly take the bate, hooked until the last line is cast."
Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"Set in Victorian London, the story clips along at a fast pace as the pair explore sunken ships, confront supposed sea monsters, and take on a French spy. The suspense makes this a good choice for reluctant readers."
School Library Journal

"This sequel is a pleasure to read and a solid addition to a series that promises to escalate...The real cliffhanger, however, is the fate of Modo's sweet soul. His vulnerability and his idealism endear the hunchback as a surprisingly complex character, not just another action hero."
The Globe and Mail

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